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Why Does ZEROACH Use Foam?

Zeroach uses foam because it is the most effective treatment product for penetrating those hard-to-reach areas. Foam is most effective for treating voids, whether in walls, metal tubing, under slabs or in drains. With its “shaving-cream” consistency, it fills these hard-to-reach areas and then slowly breaks down, leaving residual deposits.

With foam being thick, yet light consistency, it increases contact time with the insects, allowing more time for infestation and elimination. Foam increases our level of accuracy and efficiency as technicians, allowing us to save you time on the job.

Finally, foam provides complete coverage that prevents some insects to relocate while its being applied.

If you any questions about our foam application, feel free to contact us, we’d love to visit with you.

ZEROACH works to put a BARRIER around your home to PREVENT PESTS from entering your home.

We take extra steps, as you will see in our services diagram, to make sure that your home and business is properly protected.


ZEROACH Inspection Q&A

with customers about pest problem

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    Improve & Prevent

    Suggestions to customer about what they can do to improve the situation and prevent future problems.

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    Areas of Treatment

    Treat common pest pathways and entry points such as: plumbing, entry points under sinks, window slide mechanisms, and doorways inside. Areas treated, and materials used depend on the pest in question. Each problem may require a different solution.

ZEROACH Service Zones

Each zone provides different levels of coverage and protects against certain intruders and pest. Call us a today for a FREE evaluation of your home or business. Call +1 806 543 0001

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    Starter Service

    The Starter Service covers both the interior and exterior of your home or business. Inside, we treat plumbing entry points, as well as cracks and crevices where spiders and other intruders hide. On the exterior, we treat doorways, garage doors, water meters, and utility connections to ensure you’re living in a pest-free home. SEE COVERAGE

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    Barrier Service

    The Barrier Service is a more comprehensive option to control and prevent pests from entering your home or business. First, we treat the interior of your home or business, as described in the Starter Service section above. We then move to the exterior, where we clear cobwebs before applying two different types of solution – a liquid application that extends slightly from the base of the building to cover a broader area, as well as a granular application that is designed to withstand environmental factors like sun and rain. We also treat window trims, doorways, garage doors, water meters, and utility connections to ensure intruders cannot enter. SEE COVERAGE

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    FirstLine Service

    The FirstLine Service is a favorite with Zeroach Pest & Termite employees and customers. This treatment is applied every two months to the exterior only of your home or business (it covers all exterior areas outlined in the Barrier Service). Our customers appreciate this service because it means no pesticides in the home – a great option for parents of young children, as well as pet owners – and no need to have a technician enter your home. And as you don’t have to be present during the treatment, it’s even easier to schedule. Should any FirstLine Service customer ever request the interior of their home or business be treated, this will be performed at no additional cost. SEE COVERAGE