Ants Can Ruin A Lot More Than Just A Picnic

Ants are the most common pest we have handled at Zeroach. The small insects which thrive on a colony mentality can range from being a simple annoyance to a serious threat for your home or business. While some species of ants are harmless, others can damage property and leave you and your family with painful bites. Different species of ants need to be controlled in different ways. While some respond to spraying treatments, some are more effectively exterminated with the use of baited traps. If you have an ant infestation, do not delay and call a Lubbock pest control specialist from Zeroach today.


are the most notorious species in the Lubbock area.

These guys are small but their sting is large! Take care not to disturb a mound if one is found as solider ants can leave you with hundreds of painful stings.


can destroy your lawn and have a painful bite.

These are the big red ants that strip away the grass in your yard. Their bites are quite painful and irritation can last up to 15 minutes. While some try to exterminate these ants using gasoline and fire, this only drives the ants deeper underground.


are the most common ant in the Americas.

These pests are known for their ability to excavate wood and leave behind a pulp like substance. These ants can cause lasting and serious damage to your home. If you notice signs of wood rot, you may have a Carpenter Ant infestation.


is a new species to the South Plains.

This ant is easily recognized for their white bodies and black heads. They are incredibly fast and can disappear in the blink of an eye, hence their name. Baiting is the preferred method of exterminating ghost ants.

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