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Common identifying features of bed bugs:

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    Reddish brown

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    An adult is about 3/16th of an inch

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    Bed Bugs can go many months without feeding

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    Very resistant to many pesticides

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How Did I Get Bedbugs?

The EPA notes, that bed bugs are commonly found in walls and carpets as well as beds. Bed Bugs feed off a host, and in most cases, you and your family are their food source, so they will go where you go. Kind of gross right? Well, do not worry, our Lubbock pest control services have dealt with several cases of bed bugs. Here are the common causes and signs of Bed Bugs.

Key Signs of Infestation

Early detection of bed bugs is critical when performing an inspection.

Bed Bug Signs

• Shed or Cast Skins
• Fecal Deposits (dried excreted blood)
• Bed Bug Carcasses
• Egg Deposits
• Live Bugs

Causes Of Infestation

You may be asking yourself how you got bed bugs. Here are the common reasons.

Bed Bug Causes

• Traveling-motels and hotels
• Visitors-bring them from their house
• Prolonged visits to an infested home
• Used furniture and infested items

Life Cycle Of Bed Bugs

Female bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. On average, that is 2 to 5 eggs a day! The eggs only take about 10 days before a premature bed bug is hatched. The nymphs, or immature bed bugs look basically like a miniature version, except much more translucent. With each molt, they grow darker until they reach adulthood and stay reddish/brown. Bed bugs have 5 stages of development before reaching adulthood. Interestingly and gross enough, each stage requires a blood meal for the bug to mature further. The lifecycle takes about 6 to 7 weeks under optimal conditions to go from egg to adult. More info on the life cycle of bed bugs can be found below:

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    Feed mainly on humans and pets

    Bed Bugs are primarily nocturnal and feed mostly on but not limited to humans and pets.

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    Bed Bugs can be difficult to locate.

    Bed Bugs hide in bed tufts, cracks and crevices, and even electronics, and can be difficult to locate.

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    Bed Bugs molt several times before reaching maturity

    Bed Bugs molt 5 times, with each molt requiring a blood meal.

Lubbock Pest Management


After the completion of services, If bedbugs return within 45 days we will come back and re-treat for free.

Bed Bugs have
Development stages

can travel up to
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females can lay
eggs a day


Because bedbugs can nest in many locations, it is important that the customer and Zeroach cooperate with one another so that eradication can be achieved quickly. It is crucial that affected areas are prepared for treatment when your Zeroach Pest technician arrives.

Steps To Take Before a Bed Bug Treatment

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    A messy home will slow inspection

    A messy home will slow inspection and make treatment far less effective.

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    Launder any items that can be put into a washing machine

    Launder any items that can be put into a washing machine and then dry them on high heat for at least 20 minutes.

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    If some items are labeled “dry clean only” then skip the washing part and put them in the dryer.

    According to the textile experts at the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (Laurel, MD) most garments that cannot be washed will not be harmed as long as they are dry before being placed in the dryer.

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    Vacuuming is important because it can reduce the number of eggs spread across a home.

    Make sure to get rid of vacuum bags or empty the chamber in your vacuum then, allow your vacuum to be treated as well.

Should You Dispose of Your Stuff?

There are items that are harder to eliminate bedbugs from entirely, but most of the time we can save your beloved couches or recliners.

We provide a comprehensive set of instructions before treatment and will always schedule customers with ample time to prepare.

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