More Than Just An Annoying Pest

Mosquitoes In Lubbock:

We all know the usual scene. A warm West Texas Summer night, grilling out on the back porch, unwinding from the day. Then suddenly, you hear a buzzing a little too close to your ear, then before you can even react, the itching starts. Mosquitoes are annoying and can quickly ruin any outdoor activity. What’s more is that they also pose a potential health threat to yourself and your family.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can breed incredibly rapidly. It only takes eight days for a mosquito to develop into a full adult. The flying insect uses still water to lay their eggs which hatch in just 2-3 days. 100-200 eggs can be laid at one time, most of which will successfully hatch unless treated.

Mosquito treatment requires a multifaceted approach. Removing habitats such as still water helps, but proper preventative measures must be taken to ensure control of a mosquito population. This is why we choose In2Care for your mosquito control. 

How does the In2Care Mosquito Trap work?

The In2Care Mosquito Trap targets two life-stages of the mosquito, the adults and the larvae at the moment they pupate.  Adult mosquitoes are lured to the trap and deposit eggs in the water. Inside the trap they sit on the floater gauze and become contaminated with a slow-killing biological fungus and a larvicide. The fungus infection takes a few days to kill the mosquito and can block Dengue virus replication. In the meantime, the infected mosquito will also spread larvicide to breeding sites around the trap. Aedes mosquitoes are skip-ovipositors (laying their eggs in multiple sites) and will carry the larvicide on their legs and kill larvae in each water body they visit.

incare mosquito trap


Mosquito Repellents vs. Mosquito Pesticide

We use a combination of low mammalian toxicity pesticide, non-toxic repellant plant extracts, and a non-toxic granular repellant to make mosquitoes (and other pests) feel unwelcome and kill the ones that can’t take a hint.

Using repellents such as citronella candles and bug sprays containing DEET are useful when trying to keep the insects away. These products only repel and do not kill nor prevent breeding. Here are some of the techniques our Lubbock Pest Control Specialists use when dealing with mosquitos.

  • Apply materials using ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology to push deeper into foliage where mosquitoes like to rest.
  • ULV reduces the droplet size of applied liquid to make a fog-like mist that is easier for mosquitoes to come in contact with the material.
  • The mist created by ULV also moves to the target areas and sticks better because there is no runoff due to lack of heavy collected droplets. More of the product reaches its intended target, killing more mosquitos.

Mosquito Control Info

Mosquitos are most active in the morning and evening especially when the weather is wet or on property that is particularly inviting to mosquitoes. Pools, ponds dense vegetation and standing water attract mosquitoes.

The primary source of food for mosquitoes is nectar from flowers or similar plant juices. The females only take blood meals as a way to get more protein to produce eggs. So, when they are biting, you can bet that they are also laying eggs.

West Nile, Zika, and Other Mosquito Transmitted Viruses

There are several viruses that mosquitoes are capable of transmitting that can be dangerous to yourself, pets and family. In 2017 the Lubbock area saw a resurgence of West Nile Virus, while parts of America were hit with outbreaks of the Zika Virus.

Mosquitoes And Your Pets

Mosquitoes pose a serious danger to your pets as well as your family. While most vets recommend some sort of topical treatment, mosquito bites can result in devastating health effects for your dogs and cats.

Mosquitoes transmit deadly heartworms through their bites, which if left untreated can kill both dogs and cats. Let our Lubbock pest control professionals make sure that your puppy is safe this season with a full-scale extermination and preventative mosquito treatment.

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