Scorpions Pose a Serious Threat in Lubbock

Scorpions have moved in and it’s time to take them seriously. As it is with many other pests in the Panhandle, these eight-legged beasts take a qualified Lubbock Pest Control expert to get the job done. Zeroach can and will whip ‘em good!

Scorpion Control Lubbock

There are just two types of scorpions that you may encounter in this area of Texas. The Striped Bark Scorpion and the Wind Scorpion. The striped bark Scorpion looks how you might imagine a scorpion to look. It has a light brown color with a whiptail that comes up over its head, which it uses to sting prey or humans. Wind scorpions, however, have no tail but a set of intimidating pincers in the front of their head.


General Scorpion Information

Scorpions are a growing concern in Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Scorpions do serve many useful purposes and are excellent pest control creatures when they stay out of your home. Here is general information on scorpions that is important to know and understand when planning to have a Lubbock pest control professional from Zeroach come out to examine your scorpion infestation.

  • Scorpions are nocturnal and therefore are most active at night.
  • They eat a wide variety of bugs including insects, spiders, centipedes. Larger scorpions can eat small lizards and other small vertebrae as well.
  • Scorpions can survive without eating for up to 6 months.
  • Scorpions natural predators are large spiders, centipedes, and birds. Owls also commonly hunt scorpions.
  • During the day scorpions hide under rocks, wood piles, and in cracks of the masonry of your home. Therefore, when performing tasks around these areas it is crucial to wear gloves.
  • Scorpions commonly enter homes seeking shelter from the elements or looking for water.

Controlling Scorpions

Controlling a scorpion problem can be a difficult task to accomplish without the help of a pest control specialist. These arachnids are very resilient and breed quickly.

The first step to effectively controlling a scorpion problem is to clear your property of any debris such as piles of wood or old brush. Points of entry into your home such as cracks in the foundation or around windows should then be sealed.

Reducing pest harborage areas is always important no matter what pest is being dealt with, but with scorpions, it is crucial. Clearing brush and debris from around a structure will make it more difficult for scorpions to hide and breed. This will also help your technician from Zeroach Pest & Termite give you the most bang for your buck by allowing the material to reach into the areas where they live.

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