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General Pest Solutions

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Before beginning any general pest solutions, we will discuss your issues, as well as specific steps you can take to prevent them from entering your home or business. Then, we’ll review treatment options before choosing the general pest solutions that best suits your needs.

General pest solutions

Our Approach To Pest Control

Starter Service

The Starter Service is one of our general pest solutions that covers both the interior and exterior of your home or business. Inside, we treat plumbing entry points, as well as cracks and crevices where spiders and other intruders hide.

On the exterior, we treat doorways, garage doors, water meters, and utility connections to ensure you’re living in a pest-free home.

Barrier Service

The Barrier Service is a more comprehensive option for general pest solutions.  It helps to control and prevent pests from entering your home or business. First, we treat the interior of your home or business, as described in the Starter Service section above. We then move to the exterior, where we clear cobwebs before applying two different types of solution – a liquid application that extends slightly from the base of the building to cover a broader area, as well as a granular application that is designed to withstand environmental factors like sun and rain. We also treat window trims, doorways, garage doors, water meters, and utility connections to ensure intruders cannot enter.

FirstLine Exterior Service

The FirstLine Service is a favorite with Zeroach Pest & Termite employees and customers. This treatment is applied every two months to the exterior only of your home or business (it covers all exterior areas outlined in the Barrier Service). Our customers appreciate this service because it means no pesticides in the home – a great general pest solutions option for parents of young children, as well as pet owners – and no need to have a technician enter your home. And as you don’t have to be present during the treatment, it’s even easier to schedule.

Should any FirstLine Service customer ever request the interior of their home or business be treated, this will be performed at no additional cost.

Why Choose Zeroach Pest & Termite

We’re passionate about general pest solutions that help people just like you get rid of unwanted pest problems. As such, we are proud to be the only pest control company in Lubbock, TX promising excellence in value, service, and trust.


After your pest inspection, we’ll provide you with a quote that makes sense for your budget and unique needs.


We’re not happy unless you are. So if you’re not satisfied with your most recent service, we’ll make it right.


We know you are putting a lot of trust in our hands. So we promise to treat you and your home with respect. Please see our reviews and see what our customers have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually when we get a call from a new customer, they have a specific problem that they need to have solved. One of our pre-designed general pest solutions will fit the bill quite nicely almost every time. But, sometimes you may have a very specific problem like German RoachesBedbugsAnts or Termites that general pest solutions just don’t cover. These require targeted solutions and materials specifically for that pest. If you know what you need go ahead and schedule but if you need to speak to a pro about what you need, we are always available and we promise not to try to oversell you. We don’t like that approach either.

We totally understand that! This is why we developed general pest solutions like the FIRSTLINE Exterior service. It’s how we treat our own homes in fact. We only treat the exterior of your home (as in the BARRIER Service) unless you ask us to come in. ALL of our FIRSTLINE Exterior Service customers are happy and never switch back. This is really where we see the future of general pest control headed and we are already there. 

BARRIER PLUS Service is for you then! Not much can beat the effectiveness of just blasting everything in your yard to control a Wolf Spider problem. It knocks out the spiders and everything that they would normally hunt for food. Its also a great choice scorpions, ants and a big roach problem. Got a recurring Flea/Tick problem? This one is for you too!

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